Baseball Fan Gear

My husband's great grandfather, Edward C. Becker, owned the St. Louis Cardinals, then called the Browns, from 1899 through 1917! So cool, right? The family that I married into is BIG into the sport, to say the least. 

Our two sons played baseball all of their lives so I have countless hours logged at ball fields all over the country. I know what must-haves are required for game day and the schlepping of stuff that is synonymous with being a baseball mom. 

I created a fabric that I thought captured the love of the sport; a mess of scuffed up baseballs strewn across red, navy, or off white fabric. There is nothing like it on the market today! I'm quite proud of it. I use my fabric to draw attention to my purses and totes to differentiate them from any other bag. These are true baseball fan gear accessories.