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Shine a Little Light

Shine A Little Light

Duty Calls

Duty Calls by Toni Becker

Thin Blue In Between

Thin Blue In Between

Living Outside My Storybook

Living Outside My Storybook

Good Thing You Are There

Good Thing You Are There



About Toni

I was raised in Wisconsin and currently live in Southeast Missouri with my husband of 24 years and our two teenage sons. I’ve been a musician all of my life. At 18 I started performing in clubs around Wisconsin and Oregon. In 1981 I travelled extensively as a lead singer of a rock and roll band as well as a solo artist. By far, my favorite gigs were privately booked military tours where I had the opportunity to play for the troops in Europe, Japan and Guam.

In early 2000, I had the honor of performing with my band for a Presidential Campaign rally and a pre-debate rally in St. Louis, Missouri. I currently enjoy performing and writing songs.

Toni Becker Band performing for a Presidential pre-debate rally in St. Louis.As a songwriter, I’ve enjoyed having a song called “Children Of The Image,” co-written with my husband, Brian, and two Nashville writers, Don Koch and Brian White, remain on the CCM charts for fourteen weeks. Another of our songs, “I Choose To Follow,” was recorded by Contemporary Christian artist, Al Denson. Two songs that I co-wrote with Texas music legend, Shake Russell, entitled “Edge Of A Dream” and “Save ItFor Me,” are included on his CD called “What This Heart Holds.” Currently I am writing songs with Grammy Award winner, Pat Hunt, Houston music icon and worship leader at Parkway Fellowship Church in Katy, Texas, for use by his burgeoning congregation. Pat is also the lead singer of World5, an international band currently charting well in Europe. One of World5’s next singles will be a Pat/Toni collaboration called “You Will Find Me”.

My CD, “Storybook”, was produced by my husband, Brian, at Sunset Blvd Studios, Nashville, as was a previous project called “Thin Blue In Between”. I also had the fortune of singing two lullabies on a compilation CD called “I Can Only Imagine: Lullabies For A Peaceful Rest,” which features Mercy Me’s, Bart Mallard, singing a lullaby version of “I Can Only Imagine” and other renowned artists. This work was nominated for a 2004 Dove Award. I sang background vocals on “The Fine Line” album by Wayne Watson and on my husband’s Benson projects, “Daring 2 B Different” and “No Longer The Wayward Son.” I also was the vocalist on a sweet lullaby project produced by Star Song called 25 Sleepytime Songs.

I play guitar and sing all the songs I absolutely love. Many of the songs I sing are from the 70s and 80s but I cover beloved classics old and new as well as many of my own songs. Visit my Set List page to view my entire list of songs. The choice of songs I sing creates a nostalgic atmosphere and invites the listener to relax and settle in to enjoy a memorable evening of fun with friends.

I am excited to speak with you about any upcoming event you might have. I can be reached at 573.872.0085, or by email at

You can also visit my Facebook page for more information

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Living outside my story book, Judging by the way things look, I’m not fooling anyone, anyway. Living outside my fairy tale. Bidding it a fare-thee-well. So much more to tell. 
Toni Becker

Toni’s Discography

Thin Blue In Between


  1. Surrender
  2. Good Thing You Are There
  3. Any Road Will Do
  4. Pursue The Search
  5. Free Fallin’
  6. Crossroads
  7. So Much Pain
  8. Tie Us To Your Heart
  9. Mary’s Gone To Heaven Rainbow
  10. Thin Blue In Between
  1. Same O’ Six and Seven
  2. Living Outside My Storybook
  3. I Promise You
  4. Livin’ In Real Time
  5. Pilgrims’ Tears
  6. Honest Man
  7. Duty Calls
  8. My Best Friend
  9. Reunion
  10. The Outsider
  11. Shine A Little Light

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